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artist statement

I am a visual artist deeply inspired by the subtle beauty of the world.  With that inspiration I create a new world, a new idea and a new perspective on reality to share with others.


I strive to re-create ideas that are often pulled from a subconscious thread of thoughts.  My style is ever-changing as is the beauty that inspires me.  I started painting with acrylics at a very young age and found solace in my new found “hobby”.  


Throughout my life I have continued painting and making art, expanding my work into many different mediums such as ink, mixed-media & natural platforms. I found that what had started as a hobby, has become an irreplaceable outlet for my thoughts and creativity as well as a platform to share ideas & my vision with others. 


Now, as an established instructor here in the heart of Dane County, I have continued to grow my profession in many different avenues.  You can find my work at many Madison businesses, art shows and of course, available here on my website.  A great sense of accomplishment in watching what my students can achieve in a short amount of time and inspiring others in my community is my ever-growing commitment to the arts.

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